SSS Announced Additional Consequence for Employers Not Properly Remitting Workers’ Contributions

The Social Security System has issued a stern warning after calling out a dialogue with more than one hundred companies to boost contribution collections from delinquent employees.

The meeting aims to orient employers of the new guidelines of SSS when it comes to the collection and remittance of employees’ contributions.

SSS will target employers who would deliberately not remit the contributions of their employees. According to SSS Chairman Amado Valdez, the agency can acquire the properties of companies which failed to remit SSS contributions.

Proceeds from the acquired properties will then be used and added to the agency’s funds.

Aside from that consequence, delinquent employers may also face court charges and even sentenced to jail for repetitive and continuous offenses.

Furthermore, the existing law against employer delinquency still stands effective.

An employer who does not report temporary or provisional employees is violating the SS law. The employer is liable to the employees and must:
1. pay the benefits of those who die, become disabled , get sick or reach retirement age;
2. pay all unpaid contributions plus a penalty of three percent per month; and
3. be held liable for a criminal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

The agency is confident the consultation will be useful in disseminating the information about the consequences of not properly remitting employees’ contributions.

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