SSS new policy on claiming SSS benefits by surviving spouse and other beneficiaries.

The Social Security System (SSS) has recently introduced a new policy aimed at simplifying the process of claiming SSS benefits for surviving spouses and other beneficiaries. The policy changes, set to take effect around this month. were explained by SSS Digos City Branch Manager, Jocelyn Tejano-Gopo, during a recent radio program hosted by PIA Davao Occidental and Energy FM Digos.

One of the key changes under the new policy is the elimination of the requirement for surviving spouses to present official receipts when claiming benefits.

Surviving spouses are now considered direct beneficiaries, making the process less burdensome for those who may have struggled with understanding the documentation requirements in such situations.

However, Gopo stressed that certain conditions must be met; for instance, surviving spouses may be asked to provide additional proof to verify their identity and claim if there are discrepancies in the provided information.

In the case of other beneficiaries, such as parents, children, or authorized relatives who managed the contributions of the deceased member, they must present a receipt and a waiver to the surviving spouse or the SSS office to claim the benefits. This measure ensures that the correct person receives the benefits, reducing the risk of potential misuse of funds.

Additionally, the Funeral Benefit amount has been increased, ranging from a minimum of P20,000.00 to a maximum of P40,000.00, depending on the number of paid contributions and the average monthly wage credit of the member.

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To make the claiming process more convenient and efficient, beneficiaries now have the option to receive the Funeral Benefit through an electronic wallet or a registered bank account with the SSS. This method replaces the traditional check disbursement and significantly reduces processing time from 30 days to just 10 working days, starting from the submission of all required documents.

These policy changes reflect the SSS’s commitment to better support and assist beneficiaries of deceased members or pensioners.

The increased Funeral Benefit amount helps cover funeral expenses, while the quicker processing time and updated payment method aim to make the claiming process hassle-free.

Manager Gopo’s clarification on the new policy seeks to streamline the claim process and minimize confusion among beneficiaries. Awareness of the requirements and guidelines is crucial for those receiving SSS benefits to avoid any potential delays or issues during the claiming process.

For further assistance or inquiries regarding SSS benefits and claims, Gopo advises beneficiaries to visit their local SSS branch office or register an SSS account online. These changes mark a positive step towards providing more efficient and accessible services to the beneficiaries who rely on the SSS for support during challenging times.