Updated List of Places under ECQ and GCQ and Their Guidelines

During a televised virtual press-con, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announced the following rules for areas under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ) starting on May 1 to 15 to avoid the spreading of COVID-19 virus.

If you are wondering about what is the difference between the 2, public movements in places under GCQ were less restricted compared to those who are under ECQ.  The guidelines were under Resolution no. 29 of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID).

The following places were under ECQ due to high risk of coronavirus:

  • NCR
  • Central Luzon except for Aurora
  • Pangasinan
  • Calabarzon
  • Benguet as well as Baguio City
  • Iloilo
  • Cebu
  • Bacolod City
  • Davao

Provinces that were not mentioned will be appointed under GCQ.

Based on the ordinance, businesses that were allowed to utilize are:

  • Food
  • Medicines and Vitamins
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Hygiene products
  • Hospitals
  • Food Preparations and Water Refilling Stations
  • Medical Clinics
  • Retail Establishments
  • Delivery Services
  • Banks
  • Telecommunication Supplies
  • Technical Services
  • Waste Disposal Services
  • Repair and Installation
  • Laundry Shops
  • Funerals
  • Gasoline Stations
  • Accommodation
  • Veterinary Services
  • Sewerage
  • Rental and Leasing Activities

The following facilities will be permitted to open under GCQ with limited capacity:

  • Malls
  • Salons
  • Advertising
  • Barbershops
  • Spas

Services that are prohibited whether the place is under ECQ or GCQ:

  • Mass Gatherings
  • Fitness Studios
  • Gyms
  • Sports Facilities

The following are the only people allowed to travel:

  • Health Workers
  • Government Officials and Personnel
  • Workers who provide essential goods and services
  • Those who are traveling for medical and humanitarian reasons
  • Essential skeletal workforce
  • Evacuated OFWS and non-OFWs to their residencies
  • Those who are transiting at the airport for travel abroad
  • Persons who are transported by the government for the receiving local government unit.
  • Cargoes by land, water and air the location under ECQ and GCQ shall be cut loose.

Roque also added that strict social distancing; wearing facial masks in public, mandatory checking of temperature, and frequent use of disinfectants shall be practiced to lower the number of cases of the deadly virus. Health experts advised President Duterte to extend the lockdown in the country to avoid the resurgence of the viral disease which happened in Singapore when they lifted their quarantine restrictions.