How to Update Informations in Your SSS Beneficiaries

It is very important to keep your SSS information updated to avoid problems and delays once you are claiming for your benefits or loans. Such is very true when updating your list of beneficiaries.

Why is it important to update your SSS Beneficiaries? (1)In the event you have been granted a Permanent Disability Benefit or a Retirement Benefit, your minor child listed as your beneficiary whether legitimate, adopted or illegitimate, would also be entitled to a monthly pension. (2) If the SSS member was deceased, his or her primary or secondary beneficiaries would be the ones entitled for the death claim of the member.

There are two types of beneficiaries. The first ones are the primary beneficiaries. They are the priority when claiming pensions and benefits. They can be the legitimate spouse, legitimate, legitimated, and legally adopted or acknowledged natural children whose age is below 21 years, single and unemployed.

Meanwhile, secondary beneficiaries can claim benefits and pension if the primary beneficiaries were unable to. They can be legitimate parents, legitimate descendants and illegitimate children.

To update or add a beneficiary, bring the following documents to an SSS branch near you:

1. Spouse- Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate, Duly accomplished Member Data Change Request form

2. Child/children- Birth Certificate/Baptismal Certificate or Decree of Adoption.

Meanwhile, if you plan to remove a currently listed beneficiary for whatever reason, you should need any the following:

1. Spouse

*Decree of Legal Separation if legally separated
*Death Certificate of Spouse if he/she was deceased
*Certificate of Finality of Annulment/Nullity or annotated Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate
*Court Order on Declaration of Presumptive Death
*Decree of Divorce and Certificate of Naturalization
*Certificate of Divorce (OCRG Form No. 102), if due to divorce of Muslim member with previously reported spouse

2. Parents

* Death certificate, if enlisted parent/s is/are deceased

3. Other beneficiaries

*No required documents

Take note that documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Contract/Certificate and Death Certificate
should be an original or Certified True Copy issued by the City or Municipal Civil Registrar or Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly NSO).

If you have a new beneficiary or you would like to remove an existing one, better head to the nearest SSS branch as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary problems in the future. Just fill in a Member Data Change Form and bring your SSS ID or other valid ID together with the required documents.