Ways To Contact SSS For OFW Members

The Social Security System has made its services closer and more accessible to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) with ways for them to connect with their Contact Services Unit.

The SSS channels are especially created for OFWs as provided by the OFW Contact Services Unit (CSU). It was launched to facilitate communications with members, focusing specifically on workers abroad who have needs and concerns distinct from Philippine-based members.

OFWs can transact services via CSU such as reactivation of SSS membership, verification of contribution and loan records, queries on procedures on SS number application, location of SSS foreign representative offices, accredited payment channels, and status of various applications.

To inquire via Email, OFWs may send concerns or inquiries to [email protected]. They may also call hotline numbers +632 364-7796 and +632 364-7798.

OFW members can also call toll-free numbers.

The toll-free numbers are
*001-8000-CALL-SSS for Hong Kong and Singapore;
*00-8000-CALL-SSS for Malaysia and Taiwan, Italy and United Kingdom;
*801-4275 for Brunei; 00800-100-260 for Qatar;
*800-0630-0038 for United Arab Emirates;
*800-863-0022 for Saudi Arabia; and
*8000-6094 for Bahrain.
These numbers are available from 6 am Monday to 6 am Saturday, Philippine Time.

OFW members can also inquire via Facebook thru SSS’s Official Facebook page www.facebook.com/SSSPh.

If you emailed SSS for your inquiries, make sure to attach a scanned copy of your SSS ID or any valid ID with photo and signature for identity verification.

Whenever getting in touch with CSU, always prepare your information beforehand to make your transactions faster. This information includes your 10-digit SSS Number, your contact information, and the reason you’re contacting them.

To make record tracking easier for OFW members, they can utilize the My.SSS Web portal, so they can check their contributions or loan payments and even review their information.

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