SSS, Bacolod Sign MOA to Cover JO Workers

The city government of Bacolod signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Social Security System (SSS) for the coverage of their contractual and job order (JO) workers as self-employed in accordance to the Social Security Law.

On August 14, Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia, Division Head of Visayas West 1 Lilani Benedian and SSS Bacolod-East Branch Head Lina Hilado inked the agreement rites at the City Mayor’s Office.

They were witnessed by Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran and five other JO personnel. Presently, around 2,000 workers are under JO.

According to Leonardia, this was part of the city’s initiative which started with the increase of JO personnel’s wage rate from Php7,590 a month to Php9,900.

“Our JOs are even going to get another benefit because the SSS has come up with a program that will cater precisely for the people who had been there for so long. They are also working and looking forward to their retirement so the City Government facilitated it,” said the mayor.

Meanwhile, Benedian noted that the signing of the agreement is a milestone since they have been campaigning for the coverage of JO personnel.

Since Job Order personnel do not have an existent employee-employer relationship, they are covered as self-employed members.

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She added that the KaltaSSS program also covers SSS membership to the JO, thus they can avail all the products or services of SSS. The SSS expanded self-employed program coverage enables contractual and job order personnel hired by the government, but are not covered by Government Insurance System (GSIS) Law may voluntarily apply to be an SSS member.

The MOA signed by SSS and Bacolod City government states the mechanics for the implementation of the program which aims to facilitate an easy and more convenient remittance of contributions.