How To Replace Your Lost or Damaged SSS UMID Card

The Social Security System Unified Multipurpose Identification Card (SSS-UMID) is presently one of the most powerful ID in the Philippines. It is honoured by government organizations, banks and other private institutions. Aside from that, members can withdraw their loans and other benefits directly from their UMID.

If for some reasons, you have lost your SSS-UMID, you can always request for a replacement in any SSS Branch. You can also ask for a replacement if your current ID has been damaged. You can receive your new SSS-UMID after 1-2 weeks in Metro Manila and 3-4 weeks in other parts of the country.

To apply for a replacement for your lost or damaged SSS-UMID, you will need the following requirements:

One (1) PRIMARY ID CARDS and/or documents

Driver’s License
PRC Card
Seaman’s Book (Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book)

Or any two (2) of the following secondary IDs/documents which bear the correct name of the person, and at least one with the correct date of birth:

Postal ID
School or Company ID
TIN Card
Membership Card issued by Private Companies
Senior Citizen card
Voter’s ID card/Affidavit/Certificate of Registration with COMELEC
Alien Certificate of Registration
ATM card with cardholder’s name; or bank certification if without cardholder’s name
Birth Certificate
Bank Account Passbook
Baptismal Certificate
Credit card
Firearm License Card issued by the PNP
Fishworker’s License issued by BFAR
GSIS Card/Member’s Record/Certificate of Membership
Health or Medical Card
Pag-IBIG Member’s Data Form
ID Card issued by LGUs (e.g., Barangay/Municipality/City)
ID Card issued by professional associations recognized by the PRC
Life Insurance Policy
Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate
NBI Clearance
PhilHealth Member’s Data Record
Police Clearance
Seafarer’s Registration Certificate issued by POEA
Student Permit issued by the LTO
Transcript of School Records
Certificate from National Commission on Indigenous Peoples or Office of Muslim Affairs
Certificate of Licensure/Qualification documents from MARINA
Certificate of Naturalization from BI
Birth/Baptismal Certificate of child/children or its equivalent

Notarized Affidavit of Loss

Fully accomplished SSS UMID Card Replacement form (Download here)

Php 200 UMID Card Replacement Fee

After completing the required documents, you may now proceed to your SSS servicing branch. Secure an SSS R-6 Miscellaneous Form, accomplish the 4 copies, check the ID Social Security Card box and write the Php 200 amount in words. You will now make your payment on the SSS teller.

Once you successfully finished your payment for the replacement fee, you can now submit your SSS UMID Card Application and required documents. When your requirements had been verified, you will now proceed to the Biometrics and ID Capturing.

Your information will be verified at this point, and your fingerprints shall be recorded. Make sure that the data is all correct to avoid any other problems.

Remember these rules when you are getting your photo for your UMID.
 No wearing of Contact Lenses
 No wearing of sleeveless
 No wearing of makeup on male
 No wearing of sando for male
 No wearing of eye glasses
 No wearing of headband\
 No wearing of earrings and necklace
 Ears must be visible
 Client should close their mouth

The SSS Personnel will give you the acknowledgement slip and an instruction on how to get your SSS UMID. Your ID card shall be delivered to your mailing address. You may have an authorized representative to get your ID card for you as long as you provide an authorization letter.