Maximize Your SSS Membership with these Six Simple Steps

Social Security System President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora Ignacio shared on her column six simple ways to maximize membership with the state fund and make sure that claims, benefits, and loan privileges can be processed on a timely manner.

SSS has been a partner for millions of Filipino workers in ensuring welfare during their retirement and unforeseen circumstances. However, many members experience delay of processing due to many reasons. To avoid this, here are some useful tips you can follow.


  1.       Check your Birth Certificate

          The primary document for claims processing is a Philippine Statistics (PSA) Certified birth certificate. Thus, if there are some mistakes on the information on this document, this will delay the processing of your claims. Check if your records are correct and the date of birth on your certificate coincides with your SSS records. This is important especially for retirement claims because age is a deciding factor in pension release.


If there is a discrepancy or a change in marital status, fill-up a Member Data Change Request From (SSS E-4) and submit with supporting documents to the nearest SSS office for correction. For easier checking of registered information in SSS, go to My.SSS portal.


  1.       Always Keep Your List of Beneficiaries Updated


If you have been recently married or got a new child, make updating of your SSS List of Beneficiaries a priority. File a Member Date Change Request Form with PSA certified marriage certificate and/or birth certificate. This is so that if any unforeseen event such as death happened, living family members would not have difficulty filing claims.


According to SS Law, primary beneficiaries are the legal spouse and/or dependent minor, legitimate, illegitimate and legitimated minor children. Meanwhile, secondary beneficiaries are parents of the deceased members.  These beneficiaries should be declared based on the member’s SSS Form E-1 and E-4.


  1.       Make Sure You Only Have One SS Number


          There are instances that members unknowingly register on SSS twice and only find out after submitting an application for a benefit or loan. This is such a hassle because you will need a few more days before the information can be corrected. Even before this happens, check if you have multiple records and proceed the cancellation of multiple SS numbers at any SSS branch. All records and contributions shall be consolidated in one SS number.


  1.       Pay Your SSS Loan on a Timely Manner


          Is your employer properly remitting your loan payments to SSS? Thankfully, it is easy to check loan payments online via My.SSS. Unpaid loans incur penalties and will be deducted on some other benefits. In cases that loan payments are being deducted from your salary but not remitted by your company, you should submit and affidavit to file a formal complaint against your employer. In cases of late posting of payments, simply request a salary loan collection list from your employer as proof to SSS.


  1.       Monitor Your Contribution Payments


          SSS is very strict about remittance of contributions because it is a violation for employers to not do so under the SS Law. Violators, once convicted, shall pay fines and may be imprisoned from six years and one day up to 12 years. Although the state fund launches a stringent campaign against it, you would still encounter some delays in filing for loans and benefits if your contributions are not properly remitted. You can check your contributions online or register to SSS Text to get updates via your phone.


  1.       Remember That Your SSS Membership Does Not Expire


          Once an SS member, always a member. You may lose a job for some time, but you can always continue paying your contributions as a voluntary member or resume payment once employed again. Contributions to SSS are intact and a member can always continue paying premiums at any time.

Bottomline, members should also be responsible with record keeping and tracking so that delays can be avoided and violations promptly reported.

Source: Business Mirror – How to maximize SSS membership by Aurora Ignacio –