Employers Can Now Pay SSS Employees’ Contributions through GCash

To make it easier for employers to pay contributions in a timely manner, the Social Security System (SSS) announced that they can now use Globe’s GCash in paying contributions o their employees using the Payment Reference Number (PRN).

According to Globe, payment using their mobile wallet service will be reflected real time in their accounts if they used their payment reference number. This is seen to benefit nearly one million employers, especially household employers.

“This is part of the continuing improvements in the recently implemented new SSS collection system that makes use of PRNs to allow real-time posting of contributions. In partnership with Globe’s GCash, PRN-based contribution payment is now made faster and easier for business and household employers through their mobile phones,” Dooc said.

Using just a mobile phone and Globe simcard, employers can easily pay member contribution without the hassle of queuing or traveling to SSS branches.

Gcash is a free mobile application exclusive to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers. To use the service, employers must first use the system-generated PRNs, which they can get from My.SSS portal.

In order to use Gcash from your Globe or Touch Mobile powered phone, register first by downloading the Gcash app free of charge or dialing *143#. Simply follow the steps to activate your Gcash account.

Business and household employers can both use the app. They will be asked to assign a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to proceed with the registration. The following information will also be required;

For Business Employers
– First and Last Name of Company Representative
-Complete Company Address

For Household Employers
-Employer’s first and last name
-Employer’s address

“It’s easy to get started paying SSS contributions with GCash. Once registered, just dial *137 and follow these steps: First, select 2 for ‘National Government Agency’ from the list of billers. Next, select ‘SSS Employer/Household’ then press 1 for contribution. In the next field that will appear, enter the PRN and click submit.” Dooc said.

Once your transaction was successfully done, you will receive a confirmation text indicating the details such as the employer ID Number, applicable payment period and PRN.