Scanned LOA are now eligible for SSS Loan!

Social Security System or SSS is a type of social insurance program run by the state that offers Filipino workers pension and loans. Applying for the SSS’ Loan Restructuring Program is a lot of work especially for those who do not have the capacity to meet the standard requirement of personal appearance due to some cases like disability or old age.

The SSS, adhere to their core to help and serve the Filipino people took this matter into consideration and announced that all SSS branches nationwide will now accept scanned copies of Letter of Authority or LOA in applying for their Loan Restructuring Program or LRP that will be sent thru email by the borrower if ever he or she does not have the luxury of personally applying for it in the SSS office.

Scanned LOA are now eligible for SSS Loan!


As an Authorized Representative, you will be responsible in submitting requirements for the LRP application. Below is the list of the documents required in applying for LRP:

  • Electronic mail (e-mail) request of the member borrower
  • Scanned copy of the Letter of Authority (LOA)
  • Scanned copy of at least two valid identification cards (ID) of the member borrower
  • Photocopies of at least two valid ID’s of the authorized representative
  • A physical copy of email that shows both email addresses of the member borrower and the authorized representative.

In addition to this, an Authorized representative may also complete some application forms in behalf of the member borrower. Below is the list of the documents that a representative may accomplish:

  • Filling of LRP application form
  • Signing in the “Conforme” portion of the Statement of Loan Balances for LRP and Disclosure Statement
  • Sign the promissory note
  • Receive the Notice of Approval
  • Pay the fee for the restructured loan based on the agreed term