How To File SSS Funeral/Burial Claim

Going through the demise of a loved one is heavy ordeal, both emotionally and financially. Thankfully, SSS members’ loved ones have a funeral grant to depend on to alleviate the burden of the unfortunate situation.

The SSS Funeral Grant is given to whoever shouldered the burial expenses of the deceased member or pensioner. Last August 2015, the amount of the funeral grant was increased from a minimum of Php 20,000 to a maximum of Php 40,000 varying on the member’s paid contributions and CYS.

How To File SSS Funeral/Burial Claim

Here are the Basic Forms/Documents that a claimant needs to prepare when filing for a Funeral Grant:

  1. Funeral Claim Application Form. Download here.
  2. SS Card or two valid ID cards/documents of claimant, both with signature and at least one photo.
  3. Certified true copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased member. (formerly NSO) or issued by the Vital Statistics Office/County of host country or its equivalent, if member died abroad. If applicable, certified by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate or PSA (formerly
    NSO) If not written in English language, with authorized English translation from the Philippine DFA.
  4. Original copy of the official receipt/contract from the funeral parlor regarding funeral expenses.
  5. New residence certificate of the filer.

Tips when filing for a Funeral Grant:

  1. It is better to let the person listed on the receipt from the funeral expenses be the claimant, so other documents would no longer be needed. But in such cases, you would need a letter of explanation signed by the person whose name appears in the OR stating that the claimant was the one who paid the expenses.
  2. Some funeral parlors offer to file the Funeral Claim themselves as part of their service. You may consider this option because it would mean less hassle for you.
  3. There are some cases such as Death Certificate is not available, Missing Person During Emergencies and Disasters, Victims of air or sea mishap, etc. You would need additional documents for these cases. Check out the complete list here.

Upon completing the needed documents, you may proceed to any SSS branch to submit your requirements. Once they confirmed that you were able to submit all necessary documents, you will be given a claim stub for the check. You will receive a text once your check is ready for pick up.