SSS Salary Loan Application, Processing and Requirements

Short in cash? Before considering other financial institutions, it is better to take advantage of your Philippine Social Security System privilege which is the salary loan.

The interest rate is only 10% per annum, diminishing principal balance and payable in 24 months.

Upon meeting requirements, a member can borrow an amount equivalent of one or two month salary.


Here are some of the requirements listed by SSS on who are qualified to avail the salary loan.

  • Member must be presently employed, self-employed or a voluntary member updated in contributions. The amount that can be loaned would be based on the total number of contributions
  • For 1-month SSS loan- minimum of 36 monthly contribution, at least 6 of which made within the last 12 months prior to the loan application
  • For a 2-month SSS loan- minimum of 72 monthly contributions, with at least 6 contributions made within the last 12 months prior to the application
  • For employed borrowers, employers must be updated in their contribution payments
  • Member must be under sixty-five years old at the time of loan application
  • Member should not have collected any permanent disability, retirement or death benefit
  • Member should not have a record of disqualification due to fraud


You could submit your loan application in two ways.

First, you could apply online via the SSS Official Website. You just need to make sure that you have a My.SSS account and your employer is likewise registered on the SSS website, so your application can be certified via the web portal.

Another way is to visit any nearby branch or SSS satellite offices. You must accomplish an E-6 Form and submit together with your SSS IDs and at least two valid IDs with a specimen signature and one with a photo. Make sure that your form has been signed and certified by your employer.

SSS loan processing may take around 2-3 weeks if all requirements had been duly submitted and information is all correct.